Vassar College, as it is in all communities, finds it necessary to safeguard personal property and to be aware of established security regulations. The college employs men and women, both in uniform and plain clothes, dedicated to providing a safe, peaceful campus for your enjoyment and an environment conducive to academic endeavors. Vassar is one of the few colleges where a security officer is assigned to residence houses at night. These men and women are on campus for your help and protection. Should you need help, dial extension 7333. All suspicious circumstances and individuals should be reported to Security for investigation and evaluation. Directed by Donald C. Marsala, the Safety and Security Department is staffed by Associate Director Kim Squillace, four sergeants, and 24 full-time, New York State certified security officers.

Campus Alerts and Advisories

Because Vassar has long recognized the importance of keeping its community members, and others well informed about public safety issues, Vassar College Safety and Security provides timely notification of potential and actual occurrences of criminal activity to the Vassar community in conjunction with other law-enforcement agencies and other College departments.

Campus Crime Alerts are intended to provide timely warning of crimes that pose an ongoing threat to faculty, staff, and students. These Crime Alerts contain a brief description of the incident; the date, time, and location of the incident; and precautions to take.

Campus Advisories are also issued in those instances where the community should be aware of the potential for criminal activity. Both advisories and alerts are posted in each Residence Hall, the Campus Safety and Security Information Board in the College Center and are sent via e-mail to all members of the community.

Security Offices

The Safety and Security Department offices, located at 2500 New Hackensack Road, are open weekdays from 8:30am to 5:00pm; however, a security officer stationed at the Campus Response Center located in Main Building is available 24 hours a day, and uniformed security officers provide aroundthe- clock protection and services for the campus community. The Safety and Security Department, which reports to the dean of students, consists of a director, an associate director, four sergeants, and 24 full-time, certified security officers. Although they are not police officers, they do have powers of arrest as agents of the college. Uniformed security officers patrol the grounds to enforce state and local statutes as well as college rules and regulations. The Safety and Security Department enjoys an excellent working relationship with the Town of Poughkeepsie Police Department, an agency of some 70 fulltime officers.