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Parking Regulations

Members of the college community are permitted to have automobiles on the campus subject to the following regulations, which apply to all students, faculty, staff, and administration. Vassar Community vehicles must be registered with the college:

Faculty, Staff and Administration: Register at the Facilities Operations Department.

Students: Register your vehicle here. Decals will be sent to your campus mailbox.

  • Changes (e.g., license plates, make of car, or use of a different car) must be immediately reported to the office where the vehicle is registered (see above).

The Vassar campus has very limited facilities for automobiles. Illegal parking is a serious safety hazard as it obstructs the movement of emergency vehicles, and endangers pedestrians by overcrowding narrow roads. The following parking regulations apply to all parts of campus (including Alumnae House). All automobile regulations apply to any rental car brought on the campus.

All New York State Vehicle and Traffic regulations must be followed when driving on campus. The campus speed limit is 15 mph.

Parking is permitted in authorized parking spaces only. These spaces are marked with white lines. Please note that many spaces have specific restrictions, which are posted on nearby signs and must be abided by. Vehicles parked in violation of the specified restrictions are subject to tow at any time.

No parking is permitted where there is a yellow line on the curb, on sidewalks, within ten feet of fire hydrants, across walks or building entrances, around Main circle drive, or in any area marked “No Parking.” The Arlington Fire District has designated all areas outside of legal parking spaces as fire lanes.

Employees and students are not permitted in those areas designated “visitor parking” and “admission parking.”

Parking is provided in the south lot for all displaying a current Vassar decal. The southernmost section of the south lot is designated for registered student vehicles and the northern section of the south lot is designated parking for registered employees.

Illegally parked cars of students, faculty, staff, administrators, and their guests are subject to fines and towing at the expense of the person reclaiming the car.

Students residing in the Town Houses (TH), South Commons (So Co) and Terrace Apartments (TA) will be issued parking passes for their designated parking lots. Long-term parking in the Town House parking lots is restricted to those cars with “TH” parking decals. So Co residents park in the South Lot. Terrace Apartment residents are allotted one numbered parking space per apartment on Terrace Lane. Overflow parking is available in the South Lot. TA Terrace lane parking is eliminated during the winter months. Alternate reserved parking is provided at designated, signed locations during the winter months (golf course lot).

First Year students may ONLY park in the New Hackensack Lot located in front of the Safety & Security Building.

Students are NOT permitted to park on the main campus weekdays from 7:00am – 6:00 pm.

Main Campus includes all property located within Chapel Gate, Main Gate, North Gate, Manchester Gate (including Main Drive, Athletic fitness Center and Walker Field House parking.) The spaces on Raymond Avenue, along the college wall between Main Gate and the Chapel entrance are part of the main campus as well as Kendrick Lot and are subject to the above restrictions. The following exceptions are allowed:

Any vehicle displaying a valid accessibility permit may be parked in any valid campus parking space, excluding House Fellow spaces and Admissions accessibility spaces but including other designated accessibility space. Valid permits include state issued license plates and placards, and permits issued by the Town of Poughkeepsie. Members of the college community with a documented temporary condition that impairs their mobility may request a temporary disability parking permit from the Health Services or Accessibility & Educational Opportunity (formerly Disability and Support Services).

Any student vehicles that are left/stored on campus for the winter and spring breaks must be parked in the south lot. The only exception will be Terrace Apartment vehicles that are parked in their assigned winter spaces in the golf course lot.

Loading/Unloading passes are available at the Safety & Security Office located at 2500 New Hackensack Road and at the Campus Response Center located in the Main Building. The spaces near each residence hall designated as loading zones, not in other parking areas, may be used for this purpose and for a period of up to 20 minutes, with 4-way flasher on. It is the responsibility of students to inform their guests of this regulation.

Violations and Fines

After the fourth summons all vehicles will be placed on the Parking Tow List for the remainder of the academic year. Those who registered their vehicle with the College will receive an email notifying them of their Parking Tow List status. All vehicles on the Parking Tow List are subject to tow if found in violation again. Additionally, further violations will result in a fifty ($50.00) dollar assessment (plus any parking fine and tow fees).

Should you loan your vehicles to anyone, you are responsible for any tickets received and will be billed accordingly.

Fines will be imposed for violations of parking automobile regulations as indicated below:

  • In an Accessibility/disability space without a proper permit
  • Driving on walks or grass
  • Parking within 10 feet of a fire hydrant or in a fire lane
  • Parking on grass
  • Parking across walks or building entrances
  • Exceeding the campus speed limit
  • Failure to register a car
  • Use of motorcycle, moped or hover boards
  • Failure to observe a stop sign or other traffic control device
  • Parking in a zone marked “Tow Away” (in addition to towing costs)
  • Other illegal parking
  • Failure to display the current Vassar decal
  • Failure to report a change of license plates.
  • Parking in a house fellow/house advisor space.

Appeals of parking tickets may be registered here. *Severe or repeat violations may be referred to the College Regulations Panel for further disciplinary action.


All bicycles must be registered with the Safety & Security Department. Decals are issued at the time of registration.

  • All bicycles must display the current college decal. Unregistered bicycles may be confiscated when in violation of regulations.
  • No bicycle may be ridden at night without a light and a reflector.
  • No bicycle may be parked near an exit, across a walk or chained to railings/entrances.
  • No bicycle may be parked in such a way as to obstruct a handrail. Bicycle storage rooms are available in many residences. Bicycles may be placed in student rooms during winter and spring vacations.
  • Bicycles may not be brought into any college building other than residences. They may not be brought or left in a part of these residences where they would create a safety hazard or would violate fire regulations.

*Any bicycle obstruction/impeding access to buildings, walkways or roadways may be removed by Facilities Operations or Safety and Security. A $50.00 fine will be imposed when such violations occur.


The college does not permit motorcycles, motor scooters, mopeds, or similar vehicles to be used on campus. They may only be parked in the exterior lots (South Lot, North Lot and in the area of the Town Houses and Terrace apartments); no motorcycle, moped, or other gasoline or diesel powered vehicle may be taken inside any college-owned building.

Snow Event Parking Regulations

During snow events our campus roadways and parking lots must be cleared to accommodate the daily operations of the College. In order to enable effective and safe snow removal operations, no parking is permitted on Main Campus and in other designated areas during declared snow parking ban hours. Faculty, staff and students will be informed of snow events/snow parking ban via e-mail and text message. A second communication will be sent notifying all that the snow parking ban has been lifted.

Note: To receive text messages your mobile phone number must be registered with the College. Instructions on how to view and update your contact information can be found on the Crisis Communication Web page at: (Note: You will need to log into the service desk site to view this page. Students will be directed to and employees will be directed to workday to make updates.)

Main Campus:

In order to enable effective snow removal operations, NO parking is allowed on campus roadways (including Josselyn Roadway, Main Campus Drive and Doubleday Lane) or the following parking lots: Athletic and Fitness Center, Walker, Kenyon, Noyes, Cushing, North Lot, Josselyn, Jewett, Quad Houses, Baldwin, Ely, Main Circle, Vogelstein CDF, Skinner, and Doubleday Lane.

Town Houses:

Town House residents who park around the center circle and lots 1, 2 or 3 should move vehicles to the Prentiss Field Parking Lot. Vehicles should be left in the Prentiss Field Parking Lot until after the storm. When you are notified that the snow parking ban is lifted you must vacate the Prentiss Field Parking Lot.

Terrace Apartments:

Terrace Lane parking is eliminated from December 1st of each year through the end of Spring Break. Signs are posted on the roadway to ensure all are aware of the alternate parking arrangement. Alternate parking is provided in the golf course parking lot and numbered signs are placed to designate parking spaces. Vehicles parked in the Terrace Apartment overflow parking in the Walker Lot must be moved to the South Lot during snow events.

If you are parked in any of the restricted areas listed during the declared snow parking ban hours, your vehicle will be towed at your expense.

At the end of the snow parking ban a text and email will be sent notifying you that the parking restrictions have been lifted.

Note: Bicycles which are not properly stored in the storage areas provided or chained to a bicycle rack will be removed by Facility Operations. Contact Safety & Security at 845-437-5221 to retrieve your bicycle.

Students, please know that while administrative offices may be closed during snow events, professors determine if classes are being held. Please refer to your professors to determine if your classes are being held.

Please check for information about the fitness center, other athletic facilities, and any scheduled athletic events.

Please check for information on any changes to Library hours.

Faculty will receive a communication from the Dean of Faculty regarding the snow event.

Staff please check or call the Campus Emergency Information & Weather Hotline: 845-437-7755 for information on administrative office delays and cancellations.

We urge all campus community members to utilize our nightly safety shuttle. For hours of operation and shuttle stop locations go to