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Crime Prevention Guidelines

  1. Do not allow people whom you do not recognize into your residence hall. Ask for Vassar ID. You are responsible for anyone that you let into the residence hall.
  2. Protect your neighbors; do not prop open doors to residence halls. This may allow trespassers to enter the residence hall without being identified.
  3. If you see a suspicious individual loitering around a residence hall or walking the campus, report that person to Security at once.
  4. If you receive an obscene or harassing phone call, hang up immediately and notify Security.
  5. If you have been the victim of any crime, contact Security and/or the Campus Life Office for confidential assistance and information.
  6. Always lock your door whenever you leave your room, even if it is for a short time.
  7. Always lock your bike. At night, bring your bike inside and lock it.
  8. Register your car and/or bike with Security.